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The locals including the foresters and
fishermen in the Sundarbans, the world heritage site and largest mangrove forest in the world, have been involved to remove the floating oil on the rivers and canals around the mangrove forest from yesterday morning.

The alarming oil-spill from the capsized oil tanker will severely damage the eco-system of the mangrove forest, environmentalists predicts.

On Tuesday morning, a tanker carrying around 350,000 litres of oil (75,000 gallons) capsized on the Shela River in the Sundarbans. The ill-fated oil tanker Southern Star-7 was rammed by another cargo vessel in poor visibility.

The vessel was on its way to a power plant in Gopalganj Depot carrying
furnace oil from Khulna.

Meanwhile, the local people are using traditional methods like dish-plate,foam and banana leaves to remove the floating furnace oil.

The local people began to procure the oil while the local administration called them over loud speaker to remove the floating oil from the water bodies on Thursday evening.

About the initiative involving the local people, M Shamsujjoha, chairman of Bangladesh Inter Water Transport Authority (BIWTA), said "We are trying to remove the oil by taking help from the local people for first three days."

Then we will take decision to use chemical for resolving the problem, the BIWTA chairman added.

Quoting the environment experts reported that the oil already has been
spread on the rivers and canals with span of at least 200 kilometers area adjacent of the mangrove forest.

Even the forest department primarily has lodged a general diary (GD) at the local police station and filed a case at Bagerhat court claiming a compensation of Taka 100 crore due to the incident.

But it is expected that the loss of the bio-diversity of the Sundarbans due to the incident would be the loss of Taka 500 crore.

According to the latest reports, the oil slick has spread around 40kms as the tidal action flushes seawater upstream and downstream and the process will further spread the oil slick.

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